Learn the BEST Ways to Remove Animals Under Your Peoria House

Wild animals can sometimes be an annoyance especially if they try to build their den within our Peoria property. They will not only create unwarranted noises, but they can also make a mess that will make our house appear unsightly. Sometimes the damages will be hidden on plain sight especially if they are found in the obscure areas of our premises such as the space under our houses.

Guide on Removing Animals under the House

In case you are hearing strange noises under your Illinois house, this is an indication of an animal infestation. Managing your problem will appear to be simple especially if you know the things that you should do. Let this article serve as your guide.

Identify the Peoria Animal

In case you spend most of your time outside your house, you will most likely hear the patterns of sound that the nuisance creature creates. Visual sighting of the creature is often the easiest way to determine the source of the sound. Usually, it will be a skunk or a raccoon that you need to immediately eliminate. Skunks can be easily identified even without a visual confirmation due to their nauseating musk. In case you don’t have the opportunity to see the creature physically, then you will have to pay attention to the other clues. Consider the size of the hole. Mice will create the smallest type of hole while the larger ones will be for the fox, raccoons and skunks.

Getting Rid of Them

Before conducting any removal method, you need to ensure that you are familiar with the local laws that protect these Illinois animals. After this, you need to figure out how they manage to gain an access under your house. This is extremely important if you want to exclude them. Installing wire mesh on the entry point will encourage them to look for other place to live. Before blocking their access, be sure that no animals will be left within the premises. This is why we do not encourage this method during nesting season since there is a high chance that the baby animals will be left behind. 


Simple tactics can make the Illinois animals leave your property. For instance, decoys would be a great way to scare them. Predator decoys will frighten them but they will return once they figure out that the decoy will not pose them any threat. This is why you need to combine it with other removal methods. Eviction fluid will work during the nesting season. Creating loud sounds will make our place not comfortable and less-appealing in the eye of these animals.

Finally, you also have the option to call the Peoria professional animal control. You should never try to remove the animal personally especially if you lack the equipments and the experience. You may acquire an injury during the process. Accidental bites and direct interaction with the animal can result in the transmission of the disease. You don’t have to worry about the cost. Simply keep the invoice since there are some insurance policies that will help you cover the cost.

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