Noise Pigeons Make when Inside Your Illinois House - Learn How to Identify Them!

Pigeons vary on how they look which makes them different from other Peoria birds such as cardinals, robins, and blue-jays. If you happen to encounter a flock of this bird, you will notice how their feathers are mixed with white, blue, gray, and red. Apart from their look, they can also create different sound that allows them to communicate with each other. By being aware of these sounds, you will know if you have an unwanted guest in your house.

Types of Sounds Pigeons Make

Perhaps you will often hear the Illinois pigeons make a ‘coo’ sound. This type of sound is used by the male pigeons to attract the attention of the receptive female. They will also use this to defend their territory. Basically, the males are using this sound to establish their dominance. Apart from that, there are still a lot of sounds they can make.

Vocal Sounds

The Peoria pigeons are known for making a prolonged ‘coo’ sound. This is different from the noise that they will make while they are in the nest. They can also produce a sound that indicates being alarmed. These are all necessary to transmit the necessary message to other pigeons. Even the young pigeons have the capacity to create sounds. Apart from hissing, they can also snap their beaks that will produce sound. Pigeons also have a unique song. It will be a series of coos that will be accompanied by bowing which appears like a courting ceremony.

Sounds of Wings

Apart from the vocal sounds, you will also hear the flapping of their wings. You will hear them when they are entering or leaving their nest. When they are flying, the pigeons will beat the edge of their wings that will create a sharp sound. The male pigeons also have a tendency to create a loud sound by flapping their wings after a successful copulation. They will also use their wings when defending their territory. 

Dangers of Illinois Pigeons

Pigeon infestation warrants immediate actions due to the health hazards related to them. At least 60 known zoonotic diseases have been associated with them and some of them can be lethal. If you have a pigeon infestation, it is possible to accumulate a considerable number of droppings that carry pathogens. Once the fecal matters of the birds have been disturbed, the fungal spores will be released into the air that we can accidentally breathe. Some of the diseases that can be acquired from their droppings include e-coli, salmonellosis, candidiasis, Histoplasmosis, etc. 

Once you hear the noises that we mentioned above, you may want to pay your Peoria attic a visit. There is a good chance that they have already established their nest in your house. Their droppings contain acidic compound that can corrode various materials. If driving them away seems to be a trouble, you should hire the assistance of the pigeon removal expert. They can also perform decontamination procedure that will eliminate the microorganism that may carry multiple illnesses.

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