Identifying the Wild Animals in Your Peoria Chimney

The scratching and the skittering sound in the Peoria chimney is usually the first sign that there is a nuisance animal in our property. Most people will easily blame the mice, but in order to be fair, it is not always this tiny rodent that invades our property. So before you conduct a removal or exclusion method that is intended for the mice, you might want to investigate first if the source of noise is indeed a mouse.

Common Wild Animals Found in the Chimney

Determining the type of Illinois infestation will enable you to identify the best solution to manage the activities of the nuisance creatures. You will be able to know the best placement of the trap as well as the bait that you should use.

Peoria Raccoon

Raccoons have a unique appearance that makes them look adorable. Sadly, Illinois raccoons can cause considerable damages to our property. They can also carry diseases that can sometimes be severe to humans. During the nesting season, the mother raccoon will build their nest in the inconspicuous areas of our house such as our chimney. This keeps them safe from the predator and it provides the ideal temperature to raise their young ones. The mother raccoon is highly protective and will defend her babies from anyone who threatened them. They may possibly carry rabies that can be transmitted through their bites.


A lot of people will find it fascinating to observe the bats in their natural habitat. They fertilize the land with their manure and they can help in controlling the population of the harmful insects. Unfortunately, once they invade our chimneys, we will encounter numerous issues such as their bites. There are species of bats that can attack a human while they are sleeping. This is a major concern since they can be a carrier of rabies. 


It may be uncommon for the opossum to carry pathogens and rabies due to their incredible immune system, but their presence in our house can invite the predators that will lead to a more serious problem. The opossums have a tendency to steal the food of our pets that will often lead to conflict. They will also release a nauseating scent that may make it uncomfortable to live inside our house.


Another possible dweller in your Illinois chimney would be the squirrel. There are not a lot of animals that can match their destructive behavior. The squirrels will chew drywalls and electrical wiring when establishing the nest in the chimney. They have an outstanding jumping and climbing skills that enables them to infiltrate any parts of our house. The droppings and the urine of the squirrels can carry diseases such as salmonellosis. They also have a habit of hoarding food and the sound they create in the middle of the night will affect your sleeping habit.

Regardless of what type of Peoria animal has decided to live in your chimney, it is always ideal to hire the professional to deal with them. They have the training and the technology required to eliminate them humanely and safely.

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